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Country Bling - Chef Jason Smith

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Here Y'all!


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Lord Honey! Meet Chef Jason Smith

“Lord Honey” Jason Smith is not a “cookie cutter” chef (pun intended). He has no culinary or pastry training, nor has he been involved in the professional food world. He is a self-taught cook and baker, learning at his grandmother’s knee from the age of 6, in his beloved home state of Kentucky. Through the years, Jason has taken his Granny’s heritage recipes and given them his own twist, to develop a style he likes to refer to as “Country Bling.” Good ol' country and southern-rooted food elevated with fresh, vibrant ingredients, changing the minds of millions on how traditional food actually looks and tastes. Whether he is at home with friends and family, tending to his vegetable garden and chickens, or working on various Food Network projects, Jason will always stay true to his “Lord Honey” roots; being an ambassador for his home state, emphasizing his “Country Bling” cuisine and showcasing his “Holy Trinity” of Bourbon, Bacon and Butter.

More from Chef Jason!

Visit Jason's website "Southern Country Bling" for much much more! Check out all of his links, to find some amazing recipes, entertainment ideas and lifestyle posts that will make ya' wanna throw a party ever'day! Just click the "Visit Site" button and it will take y'all right there!

Keep Up With Jason Through Social Media!

Instagram: official_chefjasonsmith
Facebook: Chef Jason Smith - Lord Honey
Twitter: @lowcarb77​

Photos Courtesy of Evans Photography

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